Surgery may trigger spread of breast cancer – an inconvenient truth?

Five of the world’s leading cancer experts are questioning the current medical model that cancer is a continuous aggressive disease. On the basis of their 14 years of research, they suggest changing the treatment methods for early breast cancer.


In the article, they review the cancer treatment in history and explain the current modern approach. They also questioned some regular mammography of the breast in women between 40 and 49 as it seems to harm more than to prevent. This questioning was reinforced by the results from forensic autopsies of Danish women of that age group. It showed that 39% of women show clinically breast cancer, a number much larger than the life time risk of breast cancer of any country.


In their article, they compare different models of cancer growth and conclude that the continuous growth model is inaccurate. They consider a newer chaotic model more appropriate.


As a result, they suggest stabilizing and preserving dormancy of the cancer instead of eradicating all cancer cells, as it is now the present strategy.


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