Frequent Asked Questions

Homeopathy — What is that?

Homeopathy is mainstream medicine in Germany!


It has a rich and successful history of more than 200 years. Often it was prescribed very efficiently in lethal epidemics in the 19th and early 20th century.


Nowadays, Homeopathy is considered mainstream medicine in Germany! Due to its safety it is especially popular among young parents.

Homeopathy — Any difference from conventional Medicine?

Unlike conventional Medicine Homeopathy is based on the totality of all symptoms including mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Therefore, the homeopath listens to the client complaints very carefully. Nothing can be ignored. Hence often the person finally finds an open ear to all his sufferings.


We homeopaths don’t treat the illness we want to strengthen the person’s own defense system. When strong enough it can deal with all kind of acute diseases faster and often the person feels emotionally and mentally better than before.

When is it helpful?

It is often very helpful in acute diseases like for example influenza, gastric flu, sprains, bruises or stings.


Young parents seek often advice for all kind of childhood diseases especially in case of recurrent diseases like cough, bronchitis or otitis media.


For any chronic disease like hay fever, atopy or irritated bowels homeopathy may give some relief.


Yet the power of homeopathy is on the emotional and mental level where we may be able to improve anxiety, fears, ADHD, learning problems or even autistic spectrum disorders.

How does this work?

We consider all kind of symptoms, like for example forgetfulness, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, stiff shoulder, stomach ache then we try to find a similar remedy with the same symptom picture. This remedy provides the body energy to overcome those symptoms.

Is it magic or faith?

No! Homeopathy is not magic or faith because all symptoms of our remedies have been empirically observed in repeated experimentation and then written down thoroughly and carefully in our Materia Medica books.


There are a myriad of client cases where this way of healing provided wonderful recovery for all kind of diseases.

What can I expect?

In acute diseases remedies often shorten the extent and time course.


In chronic diseases we can expect a delay of the process, a still-stand and in the long run we may even see an amelioration of many symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies

The remedies are made from plants, animals or minerals by dilution and forceful striking.


The manufacturing of the remedies has a very long history dating back to the (German) Homeopathic Pharmacopeia in 1828 which was later integrated into the Pharmacopoea Europaea. The remedies are also recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration and the WHO.

In summary

  • Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is effective, safe and non-toxic
  • Homeopathy treats you as a whole, not the disease in isolation


But aren't the remedy only sugar or alcohol?

Of course if you analyze chemically the remedy then we only get sugar or alcohol. But there is more than that – this is the energy of the substance. We have to go deeper into the quantum level in order to be able to measure the energy of the substance.

How about my prescribed drugs when using homeopathy?

Homeopathy can be applied parallely. A sudden drop of these prescribed drugs may be too dangerous therefore we may try to reduce the drugs step by step.

"Dosis sola facit venenum" (lat.) "It is the dose that makes a thing poisonous" - Paracelsus, thirddefensio, 1538


 "Similia similibus curentur." (lat.) - "Let likes cure likes ." - Samuel Hahnemann, Organon