Flu Season – some thoughts

Many people have the flu and most of them visit the doctor and get a prescription drug from the physician.  Often it is Tamiflu, a drug which has been connected with some fatal accidents among young people; or taking fever reducing drugs  – there are studies  which show that there is a relationship between the intake and asthma or allergies later in life.


But there are alternatives. We can reduce the fever by applying leg compresses (applying lukewarm wet cloth on the lower leg).  But we also can use homeopathy for supporting the body to fight off the flu virus. Usually antibiotic medicine will not be of any use for viruses!


Fortunately if you have the flu then you need to stay at home – it is a time of rest. You are forced to have a break. Take a deep breath and relax and try to make the best out of it!

Homeopathy for pets

Homeopathy works

Recently my friend and neighbour consulted me about her dying pet rabbit. The vet diagnosed Mamma carcinoma with metastasis to uterus and lung and thought that her beloved pet may die by the end of the year.

The suffering rabbit had trouble breathing. Already for a while it seemed that her nose was blocked. Sometimes she hardly could breathe especially eating got more and more difficult. But one day she even had to bend her head backwards and she seemed to fall to her right side. This was the time when she consulted me.

In our books I found one symptom: “breathing difficult with the need to bend the head backwards” with only one remedy. The rabbit got that remedy and almost in an instant the breathing got better and the head was back to normal.

Of course we all knew that there will be no healing at that age and stage of cancer yet we were happy to see and hear that she suffered less!

Is the US government really interested in homeopathy?

According to the November issue 2013 of "What doctors don't tell you" the US governement gets interested in homeopathy as an alternative treatment for cancer. It seems that they were impressed "by the way cancer patients have responded to homeopathic remedies that they want to see more research carried out"!


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Multiresistant bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi are dangerously spreading

According to the WHO multiresistant bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi are apparently present in all parts of the world. New resistance mechanisms emerge and spread globally which may interfere with all kind of treatment of Western Medicine. That means formally diseases (like sepis or pneumonia) which could be healed with Western drugs in the past may not work anymore in near future! (see more in

Antibiotic resistant bacteria found in chicken in Germany

Last year in August and October 3 premature babies died of the antibiotic resistant ESBL bacteria in a clinic in northern Germany (

On 9th January 2012 the German Robert Koch institute found antibiotic resistant ESBL bacteria in chicken ( resulting in a big discussion in Germany and a march against intensive livestock farming with 20.000 people (

Due to intensive livestock farming the farmers and veterinarian are using extensively antibiotics for the livestock (96% of all chicken receive antibiotic treatment). In Germany – and certainly in many other countries too – 2/3 of the antibiotics use is in livestock farming.

With the (human and animal) excretions, residue of the antibiotics finds its way into our waters resulting in more bacteria that are antibiotic resistant.

One of such bacteria is the ESBL bacterium which is already found in about 4% of all human beings in Germany.

It is a very serious issue therefore, the European parliament voted to spend 2 Million Euro on research of the possibility to use homeopathy for farm animals. (

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Japanese Society of Classical Homeopathy/日本クラシカルホメオパシー協会

In March 2010 we founded the Japanese Society of Classical Homeopathy - 日本クラシカル協会(NCHK)  with the intention to unite and create a body and voice for the classical homeopaths independent of any schools in Japan. NCHK wants to protect and promote the interests of Classical Homeopaths and introduced a register of highly trained and qualified homeopaths in January 2011.

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MMR vaccine isn't safe after all, UK government admits

Finally after years of reassuring patients of the safety of the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) the UK government finally has been forced to concede that it can have serious side effects.

A UK court ruled that the vaccine caused severe brain damage in a boy, now 18 years, and has ordered a compensation.

The boy suffered epileptic fits and became unresponsive after the MMR vaccination when he was only 13 months old.

The family was awarded a compensation of 90.000pounds or 11.392.444Yen. The judgement sends hope to the parents in the UK who are also fighting for compensation. (see

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Surgery may trigger spread of breast cancer – an inconvenient truth?

Five of the world’s leading cancer experts are questioning the current medical model that cancer is a continuous aggressive disease. On the basis of their 14 years of research, they suggest changing the treatment methods for early breast cancer.


In the article, they review the cancer treatment in history and explain the current modern approach. They also questioned some regular mammography of the breast in women between 40 and 49 as it seems to harm more than to prevent. This questioning was reinforced by the results from forensic autopsies of Danish women of that age group. It showed that 39% of women show clinically breast cancer, a number much larger than the life time risk of breast cancer of any country.


In their article, they compare different models of cancer growth and conclude that the continuous growth model is inaccurate. They consider a newer chaotic model more appropriate.


As a result, they suggest stabilizing and preserving dormancy of the cancer instead of eradicating all cancer cells, as it is now the present strategy.


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Homeopathy is not a hoax!

Recently the Japanese Science Council Chief said homeopathic medicine is a “hoax”.

Already in the very early stages of homeopathy many scientist were questioning homeopathy. One of the earliest one was Constantine Hering. As a student, he had been engaged to write a book confuting homeopathy. However, upon reading Samuel Hahnemann’s work he became a convert and became one of the founders of homeopathy in the USA.


Many homeopaths, including the founder Samuel Hahnemann, Constantine Hering and me, were/are very well trained in mathematics, natural science and/or modern medicine.


Scientist tend to negate the action of homeopathy but even the very real practical companies like the Robert Bosch GmbH are supporting homeopathy by keeping the documents of the Samuel Hahnemann safe.


Even though you might not see any substance in the remedy and you might not even find a single trace of the remedy does not mean it is a hoax. During the last few years there were several scholarly articles trying to find a final proof of homeopathy. For example:


A Nobel laureate suggested there could be a scientific foundation for homeopathy” – a recent article in the Australian newspaper. Or the there were several articles about water having a memory (Benveniste, recent blog).


Of course all articles trying to prove homeopathy tend to be very controversy. Nevertheless the voice of people being helped by homeopathy (in the UK there was) recently a presentation of 25 000-signatures petition are rising again (after a decline in the beginning of the 20thcentury).


Furthermore, we should not ignore that even the WHO is considering homeopathy as an Alternative Medicine which should be like the complementary Medicine - according to their renewed priority areas - integrated into our health system.

I only can invite every skeptic to try a remedy in an acute disease. Or you may also try to think how to prove acupuncture or shiatsu.

Recently, one very informative documentation with the theme "Homeopathy: medicine or bluff?" was broadcast in the German Public Television which is now available with English Under-titles on YouTube. In that video we realize that it is more important to experience homeopathy than to try to understand why it is working! You see application of homeopathy in a cattle farm and in plants besides of course in human beings with cancer and ADHS.


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Vitamin K shots in newborns?

Vitamin K denotes a group of vitamins that are required for blood coagulations. Newborns are born with a slight Vitamin K deficiency.


Since the 1940s and 1950s Vitamin K has been given to the newborn in order to prevent haemorrhagic disease which may be fatal. The risk of haemorrhagic disease of the newborn - if it doesn’t receive Vitamin K - is about 2-10 cases per 100.000 births (Wikipedia).


Since the 1990 there is a scholarly discussion about the benefit and risk of Vitamin K administration in newborns. Golding et al. were linking Vitamin K with childhood cancer which triggered the research resulting in many newer articles with no convincing evidence that the Vitamin K shots is associated with childhood leukaemia (Parker et al)


However, we also should have a closer look what nature is providing us. In fact, from the colostrums, the first milk, the baby receives Vitamin K. In a Japanese-Chinese study the scholars realized that in women with a restricted intake of green-yellow vegetables the risk of haemorrhagic disease in newborn is increased.


That means even if there is no direct connection of vitamin K shots and childhood cancer the following points might help the new parents to decide:


  • An adult needs around 120micrograms/day but the baby should get a shot of 0.5 to 1mg or 10-20microgram/day.

  • Large doses of Vitamin K might cause allergic reaction, haemolytic anemia and may damage the liver cells – therefore over-the-counter Vitamin K supplements are banned in the USA

  • In every shot there are also some other chemicals which may harm the baby

  • Vitamin K is usually absorbed in the gut but the shot is intramuscular which the baby is not prepared to.

What else can be done:

  • Give the baby an oral dose (3 times 2mg on day 1, day 4-6 and week 4-6) which was suggested by the Austrian and German commission on that issue)

  • Nurse the baby immediately thus giving him the precious colostrum

  • Eat plenty of Vitamin K rich (green and yellow) vegetables in the last weeks of pregnancy

  • Even though the Vitamin K is not passing the placenta, Vitamin K passes the mammary glands thus providing the baby with the vitamin. That means the mother could take the supplement instead of the baby thus reducing the impact on the baby.

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