Antibiotic resistant bacteria found in chicken in Germany

Last year in August and October 3 premature babies died of the antibiotic resistant ESBL bacteria in a clinic in northern Germany (

On 9th January 2012 the German Robert Koch institute found antibiotic resistant ESBL bacteria in chicken ( resulting in a big discussion in Germany and a march against intensive livestock farming with 20.000 people (

Due to intensive livestock farming the farmers and veterinarian are using extensively antibiotics for the livestock (96% of all chicken receive antibiotic treatment). In Germany – and certainly in many other countries too – 2/3 of the antibiotics use is in livestock farming.

With the (human and animal) excretions, residue of the antibiotics finds its way into our waters resulting in more bacteria that are antibiotic resistant.

One of such bacteria is the ESBL bacterium which is already found in about 4% of all human beings in Germany.

It is a very serious issue therefore, the European parliament voted to spend 2 Million Euro on research of the possibility to use homeopathy for farm animals. (

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