Latest research regarding Homeopathy and Cancer

Cancer – Can homeopathy help? A personal experience

First of all homeopathic remedies are no “wonder” drug although sometimes they work like magic!

In my experience the well-chosen remedy

  • calmed down my anxieties before all those routine examinations. With the remedy I was able to deal with the uncertainties of stage 4 cancer.
  •  palliated the side effects of all kind of western medicine like chemotherapy, radiotherapy or heavy pain killers.
  •  worked sometimes better than the pain killers
  •  helped me to regain my emotional and physical strength.

Sometimes when the remedy didn’t work as anticipated I had to answer all those annoying questions – yet it gave me a chance to talk about all my pains to Myriam. She patiently listened and this is in fact very relieving and comforting. Often this was as important as a remedy!

Last but not least talking with Myriam about all kind of alternative treatment methods widened my approach how to deal with this dis-ease!

 (cancer for about 6 years)