Complementary Classical homeopathy improves the quality of life in cancer patients

In Switzerland and Germany a prospective observational study of two independent groups (cohorts), complementary treatment with Classical homeopathy improved the quality of life and decreased the tendency of fatigue symptoms significantly.

The study was carried out in two clinics specialized in homeopathic care and in two conventional specialized oncological outpatient clinics with cancer care according to the state of art. The two homeopathic clinics offered constitutional treatment according to the principles of classical homeopathy accompanying or following conventional cancer treatment.

The clinical trial consisted of three parts

  • Comparison of patients in both cohorts at the time of entry in the study
  • Comparison of changes under treatment in each cohort over a period of one year related to the main study parameter of Quality of Life, psychological wellbeing, fatigue and patient satisfaction
  • Comparison of matched pairs between comparable patients – which was difficult due to lack of pairs

The difference between the two groups at the entry study was interesting. The clients who chose homeopathy as a complementary treatment were younger, had a higher level of education and were more likely to have a more severe diagnosis or progressed tumor stage. Often they already had tried some other conventional treatment (chemotherapy).

During the observation period, the conventionally treated patients received more chemotherapy or radiation.

It was open for any patient to use other complementary alternative medicine like vitamins or mistletoe treatment.

Although the cohorts were quite different the primary target, the quality of life, anxiety, depression, and fatigue were comparable at the beginning of the study.

The results were convincing. At the first evaluation time after 3 months of entering the study and at the second evaluation time after one year the main parameter Quality of Life improved significantly while the trend among the conventionally treated patients was not as strong. The results were even more convincing for the parameter General Fatigue and spiritual well being (meaning of peace and faith). There they got significant differences for the parameter after 3 months and after one year of treatment for the people treated complementary with Classical homeopathy while there were no significant differences for the patients only under conventional treatment

Thus, classical homeopathic care could complement conventional cancer therapy to the benefit of the patients. (for more details please read the original article)