Do you have a nasty flu?

Why not trying an alternative approach? Homeopathy can be very effective in acute diseases!

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Do you suffer from a chronic conditions like:

  • Did you move house and family and you feel exhausted ever since?
  • Does your child have problems making new contacts resulting into tantrums or withdrawal?
  • Does your child suffer from behavioral and learning problems?
  • Do you suffer from menopause problems?
  • Do you suffer from autoimmune diseases like hay fever, asthma?
  • Do you have cancer and would like some additional support?

Moving the house and family and living in a foreign country leaves its marks on everybody. It is exciting but also straining. Missing its comfortable and familiar environment may leave the person’s own healing ability strained resulting into physical and emotional problems. Especially children often suffer when they need to make new contacts in a culture different from home.


Homeopathy may help you to overcome those problems. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is effective, safe and non-toxic. Homeopathy considers you as a whole, not the disease in isolation.


For various chronic diseases and behavioral and learning problems - homeopathy may offer an alternative to common treatment with drugs which have a long list of side-effects.


Raising the level of health and strengthening their vital force might help each person to overcome their physical problems and often emotional problems recede.


This requires effort from both the patient and the homeopath.


Ultimately it is the patient who determines the pace of recovering.


For more information about homeopathy for clients and related issues please have a look at my various articles and the videos about homeopathy provided on this homepage.