The flu season

Everybody gets occasionally a cold. A cold where you have a runny nose, a sore throat, a cough, and sluggishness. Often a simple rest for one or two days will do the job.


However when the flu hits you everything is different. With moderate to high fever, you feel awful, have no appetite and often you cannot sleep at all. You feel completely miserable. Each year many people die from complications of the flu, mainly pneumonia.


Often one dose of the constitutional remedy will help to recover however, in many cases an acute remedy will be necessary.


What should be done when the first sign of flu is developing?


Aconite is the remedy if you feel sick suddenly after being chilled in a cold wind. You develop some sneezing and quickly rising fever. The patient is extremely restless.


Ferrum phos is the remedy when Aconite didn’t help and there are no other symptoms yet.


Belladonna is the remedy if the fever is rising as quickly as in Aconite at around 3pm. However, the Belladonna sufferer is more prostrated than the Aconite one. His head is red, and his skin hot. The restlessness is more expressed in an active mind.


In Camphora the person is cold from head to foot. He even feels the coldness of the air in his nose. His sinuses are painful.


Remedies for the flu


In Gelsemium the sufferer is weak, sluggish and exhausted. The mind is dull, his head is pressing, the muscles are aching, and he is thirstless.


In Bryonia the fever is slowly and steadily increasing. Most symptoms are worse from any movement. He is irritable and wants to be alone. His lips are dry and chapped but he only drinks occasionally large amounts.


In Eupatorium the bones are aching - it is as if the bones are broken. The eyeballs feel sore. They are restless but because of the pain, they will keep still. He desires cold drinks.


The Rhus Toxicodendron flu comes on after getting cold and wet. The sufferer is physically very restless especially at night, he feels better when constantly moving.


The Dulcamara flu comes on after being wet; or when he getting cold at night after being hot during the day time. However, he is not restless like the Rhus Toxicodendron person.


Take three doses, one every hour or so. Alternatively, dissolve the remedy in water and sip it occasionally. Stop and start the remedy as needed: Back off, if you feel better! Only repeat when the symptoms are worsening again. If you have taken 6 doses of the same remedy and you had no response then you need to change the remedy! If you take lower potencies (6 X) then you have probably to repeat more often. In case of 200C, you probably need less repetition.



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