Handling chronic sicknesses requires time. In some clients we see a sudden improvement but sometimes the total picture does not emerge fully from the first consultation. Therefore at the beginning we shall possibly need to meet every four to six weeks. Once there is an improvement, even in deep and complex cases, we may not need to meet for a much longer period of time. But even after you are feeling consistently better it is useful to have one or two check-ups a year for assessing your progress.


Do you think you want to try it but you would like to have first a short consultation (without any remedy) please feel free and contact me.


The first consultation usually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and can be an empowering experience. The follow ups are about 30 – 60 minutes.



First consultation 20.000 Yen

Follow up 10.000 Yen

Acute consultation 1.000Yen/5Min (first 5 Min free)


In case of normal consultation the support during acutes are included (up to 8 weeks after a consultation).


For assessing the progress a regular biweekly e-mail report would be favorable.




  • I consult by arrangement (e-mail, telephone and Skype)
  • I also offer home visits for an additional transportation fee.


In case you cannot keep the appointment please give me a notice of at least 24 hour before the date otherwise I need to charge you.


During therapy the following things should be considered

Please take notes about your changes especially of your dreams

For assessing the progress a regular biweekly e-mail report would be favorable.

Please avoid strong smelling oils, teas and coffee.

It's important to be clear what is working. Therefore it is not advisable to start other approaches, including alternative therapies or dental work at the same time.