Criticism of Homeopathy

The Concept of Science of Homeopathy  by Friedrich Dellmour - available in English and Japanese

Criticism of Homeopathy Part 3: The Concept of Science of Homeopathy by Friedrich Dellmour
Aim: This article aims to demonstrate the main reason for methodically wrong criticisms on homeopathy using an inappropriate concept of science.
Method: The criteria of science and the most important scientific and medical basics of homeopathy are listed.
Result: Homeopathy meets the criteria of medicine, complementary medicine, holistic medicine and science. The medical and scientific principles of homeopathy are not comparable with the principles of conventional western medicine and natural science.
Conclusion: Homeopathy is a medicine and science with an independent concept of science. Therefore, most of the criteria of conventional western medicine and natural science are not valid for homeopathy and are consequently not appropriate for the evaluation of homeopathy.
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ホメオパシーへの批判 Part 3:ホメオパシーにおける科学概念 Friedrich Dellmour,
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