Homeopathy is not a hoax!


Recently the Japanese Science Council Chief said homeopathic medicine is a “hoax”.


Already in the very early stages of homeopathy many scientist were questioning homeopathy. One of the earliest one was Constantine Hering. As a student, he had been engaged to write a book confuting homeopathy. However, upon reading Samuel Hahnemann’s work he became a convert and became one of the founders of homeopathy in the USA.


Many homeopaths, including the founder Samuel Hahnemann, Constantine Hering and me, were/are very well trained in mathematics, natural science and/or modern medicine.


Scientist tend to negate the action of homeopathy but even the very real practical companies like the Robert Bosch GmbH are supporting homeopathy by keeping the documents of the Samuel Hahnemann safe.


Even though you might not see any substance in the remedy and you might not even find a single trace of the remedy does not mean it is a hoax. During the last few years there were several scholarly articles trying to find a final proof of homeopathy. For example:


A Nobel laureate suggested there could be a scientific foundation for homeopathy” – a recent article in the Australian newspaper. Or the there were several articles about water having a memory (Benveniste, recent blog).


Of course all articles trying to prove homeopathy tend to be very controversy. Nevertheless the voice of people being helped by homeopathy (in the UK there was) recently a presentation of 25 000-signatures petition are rising again (after a decline in the beginning of the 20thcentury).


Furthermore, we should not ignore that even the WHO is considering homeopathy as an Alternative Medicine which should be like the complementary Medicine - according to their renewed priority areas - integrated into our health system.


I only can invite every skeptic to try a remedy in an acute disease. Or you may also try to think how to prove acupuncture or shiatsu.


Recently, one very informative documentation with the theme "Homeopathy: medicine or bluff?" was broadcast in the German Public Television which is now available with English Under-titles on YouTube. In that video we realize that it is more important to experience homeopathy than to try to understand why it is working! You see application of homeopathy in a cattle farm and in plants besides of course in human beings with cancer and ADHS.