Why is Alternative Medicine so popular in Germany?

The answer lies in its history. I will briefly sketch the situation of Medicine before the introduction of Alternative Medicine in the 19th century. At the turn of the 19th Century new alternatives treatment methods were introduced and were taken over by those Antimodernism movements. Lay healers came up, lay associations developed. I will explain the situation between lay healers, the physicians and its legal situation during that time period. That understanding will explain our current situation.


Alternative Medicine, including Homeopathy, in Germany from the past to the present
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The article is comprehensive therefore I tried to split it into smaller parts:

A brief sketch of the history of Medicine until the 19th Century More?
The appearance of alternative treatment in the early 19th Century More?
The most well-known new healing methods in the 19th century More?
Huge improvements develop inside mainstream medicine in the 19th century More?
Homeopathy gains in popularity due to its lower mortality rates during the big epidemics - A comparison of mainstream and alternative medicine during late 19th century – More?
Why did Physicians turn to alternative medicine as a safe and reliable medicine? More?
Physician or Lay Healer? - A decision between “duty to cure” and “freedom to cure" More?
The desire for natural healing - Life reform movements with Anti-modernism Worldview More?
During 19th century Homeopathy lay associations provided simple healing and affordable treatment More?
The first Health insurance in Germany was introduced in 1883 More?
Who were the clients of lay healers and physicians during the 19th century? More?
How did Naturopathy try to gain more status beginning 20th century? More?
(Bibliography) More?

Part 2: The rise of Alternative Medicine in Germany after 1945 - you will find here