Life reform movements with Anti-modernism Worldview and the desire for natural healing

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After the enlightenment, the secularization, the crumbling of old, the industrial revolution and the emerging of new structures created the Life Reform Movements with the Anti-modernism Worldviews. Among the Anti-modernism movements there were several new life reform movements which formed lay associations like the Naked movement, the Vegetarianism, the Anti-alcoholism movement, the Garden-city movement with ecological agriculture, the New religious movements (i.e. Free Pentecostal churches, Jehovah’s witness), the Occult Worldview (which included occultism, astrology and Anthroposophy),  the Anti-Semitism, racism and many more.[i]


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[i] The Naturopathy lay movements and homeopathic lay movements weren’t a real Weltanschauung but were only a part of the Life Reform Movements! (Faltin p. 71)